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Love is in the Air… February Weekly Couples

Joseph and Sally Whitney, The Inn at Cherrywood Residents

It all started in 1951 – Sally was in her 2nd year of nurses training in Johnson City, NY and Fred was attending Niagara University when Sally’s cousin suggested Sally meet Fred. So, Sally planned a party and an invitation was sent to Fred via a third party. Her first impression – he was handsome, quiet and comfortable. She knew he was special. At the party, Sally had to comfort her little 3 year old sister who was awakened by all the noise. Fred knew he had met “The One” when he saw Sally carrying her sister down the stairs that night. After several months of dating, Fred gave Sally a ring and left for Germany where he spent 3 years fulfilling his ROTC commitment. Unfortunately, Fred was not a letter writer and upon his return, hardly spoke to Sally when she and Fred’s mother met him when his ship docked in NYC. He just needed to be alone with Sally to ask “When are we getting married?” A wedding was planned and executed in three weeks time due to Fred’s new assignment in Michigan. They each knew what was in their hearts. Words were not needed. After 6 children and 16 grandchildren they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this July 2015.

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