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Where You Live Matters

The American Senior Housing Association recently produced a video entitled, “Where You Live Matters.” The video focuses on what many senior housing professionals have known for years: the sooner you move to an independent living community, the better your life will be.

I know you don’t want to leave your home. No one does. But, what is it costing you? It is proven that loneliness and a lack of stimulating relationships increases the risk of depression and even dementia. Moving to an independent living community means looking forward to a cup of coffee every morning with your new neighbor. It means playing Trivia in the W Lounge every Friday during Happy Hour. It means learning to play the drums or to speak French or to paint.

I know you struggle cooking healthy, nutritious meals for yourself. Cooking for one or two people is difficult. We spend our entire lives cooking meals for our families, only to try to cut back our portions to one or two servings. Grocery stores don’t help because the way meats and vegetables are sold isn’t conducive to one or two servings. Once the meal is prepared, do you eat in front of the television? Moving to an independent living community means looking forward to a chef-prepared meal every evening with your choice of five entrees, vegetables, soup, salad, and dessert. It means you don’t have to do the dishes. It means we do all the grocery shopping. It means sitting down to a gourmet meal every night with friends and neighbors.

Ever wish you had someone with whom you could go shopping or go out to eat? I know you hate to bother your kids, but seeing the same four walls everyday can be isolating. Moving to independent living means going shopping with your neighbors and friends. It means trying new restaurants. It means you don’t have to drive if you don’t want to drive.

You’ve spent the last 50 years cleaning and maintaining your own home. Major home repairs, snow storms, and getting down on your knees to scrub the floor might invoke a different feeling than they did a couple of decades ago. Moving to independent living means you have your own private home, but you have none of the worries. Cleaning and maintenance is the responsibility of a dedicated staff who is here to help 24 hours a day. Who cares if it snows? You get to watch the snow plows and snow shovels from the warmth of your own living room.

Hundreds of times I have heard residents say, “Why didn’t I move sooner?” Once they make the move, they soon realize that what they were holding on to, staying in their own home, came with a price that was too high. Once they make the move, they realize that they are thriving in their new environment. Once they make the move, they realize that they still have the memory of their home, but they are busy making new memories that are just as enjoyable.

I hope you will take a minute to enjoy this video from the American Senior Housing Association. Dr. Landry says it much more eloquently than I do.  Then, pick up the phone and call 1-888-570-6659 and speak with one of our senior housing experts who can help answer all your questions. It’s time to thrive!

Connie Haworth, Executive Director

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