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East Hill Associates Honored at 2nd Annual Thrive Awards Banquet

The Watermark at East Hill is pleased to announce that more than three dozen of its employees in Southbury were recently recognized for their outstanding work through the retirement community’s annual “Thrive Awards.”

The awards are given to associates from Watermark’s 38 communities nationwide who exemplify the company’s vision of creating extraordinary communities where residents thrive.

The Watermark at East Hill, a 55-acre retirement community located at 611 East Hill Road in Southbury is home to more than 200 residents and prides itself on offering a variety of living options, all designed to keep residents’ minds and bodies active and to encourage them explore new hobbies and interests.

“At The Watermark, our number one priority is making sure our residents are continuing to grow, develop and thrive,” said Connie Haworth, Executive Director and Thrive Award Recipient. “This goal could not be met without the hard work and dedication of our employees and I’m so pleased to be able to work with them each day as they continue to have a positive impact on the lives of our wonderful residents.”

Jim Bain, Dining Services Director, was awarded “Dining Services Director of the Year” for his tireless work in maintaining The Watermark’s self-operated food service department. Mr. Bain also received the Seth Macheck Award, given out annually to honor the memory of a young associate at The Watermark at East Hill who passed away unexpectedly in 2013.

Denise Julian, Heath Services Director, was awarded “Health Services Director of the Year” for incorporating innovative training programs and services across The Watermark’s health department. Ms. Julian is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner and hosts memory care training sessions in Southbury with employees from other Watermark communities across the country.

Christine Woodman, Human Resources Director at The Watermark at East Hill was also awarded “HR Rookie of the Year” for her outstanding work leading the community’s human resources department.

Other Thrive Award recipients from The Watermark at East Hill include:

  • Jessica Mendes
  • Gloria Charles
  • John Lago
  • Lauren Ford
  • Barbara Berko
  • Katie Whitney
  • Victoria Perrotta
  • Frank Boakye
  • Dorothy Young
  • Colleen Douglas
  • Christine Daniel
  • Diane Pimentel
  • Cindy Martins
  • Connie Haworth
  • Theresa Hill
  • Laurie Gregorie
  • Derrick Mimms
  • Jason Szarzynski
  • Katie Kreuter
  • Christopher Harrison
  • Lexus Famiglietti
  • Alex Jannaccio
  • Nixon Landivar
  • Kyle McGrath
  • Susan Stabile
  • Tracie Brownell
  • Lynne Waninger
  • Christy Fuller
  • Jessica Langevin



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