The Watermark at East Hill Is Pet Friendly Community

When residents move into The Watermark at East Hill, the community often receives the gift of a new furry or feathered friend. Being a pet-friendly community brings tremendous joy and pleasure. On such an active and engaged campus, pets offer so much to residents. Living in a pet-friendly community can be very enriching. While some residents enjoy interacting with the pets they see on our campus, others prefer to watch from a distance as they like to see a dog catching a ball thrown by its owner or a cat playing with its toy in one of the courtyards. Residents in The Inn at Cherrywood, East Hill’s dedicated assisted living neighborhood, enjoy daily moments with Merlin, the community’s lovebird, who resides in the living room.

There are a lot of benefits to being a pet-friendly community. Residents are able to have a companion, which helps to decrease feelings of loneliness that are often prevalent as we age. Pets make for great conversation starters and help residents to connect with people while developing friendships. Pets help owners to maintain a sense of routine helping seniors to stay focused and organized. Pets also help seniors to stay healthy. Taking the dog for a walk really benefits both the owner and the pet. Additionally, pets help to reduce stress levels helping seniors to better control blood pressure and the sense of feeling overwhelmed. Having a pet also gives seniors a sense of purpose, which can often increase confidence and offer a greater feeling of satisfaction and meaning in one’s life.

The Watermark at East Hill is proud to offer such a meaningful and engaging experience for residents. The team feels strongly that no owner should have to give up their pet to move into a senior living community. The team works hard to make accommodations so that residents can keep enjoying their furry friends for as long as possible. It’s just one way residents thrive at East Hill.



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