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“Thank you for all the special things you do!”

To Connie Haworth & David Freshwater,

We have been East Hill residents for almost 13 years and have felt very fortunate to be here.  We have always felt very well cared for by a wonderful, devoted staff.

Weather problems, special occasions, holidays have always shown extensive creative planning. We have been delighted over and over again! Last Wednesday, we were invited to a speakeasy to celebrate the 1920s. Dress the part!

We came at 4 o’clock to wine and appetizers, including luscious shrimp and wonder of wonders, oysters on a half shell.

At 5, we had to knock on the white door and whisper the password Al Capone to enter. Inside was no longer our familiar auditorium, but an authentic 1920s speakeasy. The band was playing, the walls and tables were 1920 and, gleefully, staff and residents doffed fedoras, slung their furs and twiddled their long beads. Jim Bain, in clean bright spats danced what might have been the Charleston with Connie and Christine.

I could go on and on, the planning, the details were so impressive. This event made us very aware of the staffs desire and ability to keep us young, alive and excited regardless of our age. Thank you for all the special things you do!

Mr. & Mrs. Z


Go back to Life at The Watermark

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