I visited The Watermark at East Hill. It was very nice. What I like best about it is the cleanliness. The rooms were very cheerful and nice too. The staff were courteous and nice in showing me the place. I talked to one of the patients and she was satisfied with everything. But, it’s a little expensive as far as I’m concerned.

Review by rayscheets

The facilities were absolutely spotless and people were extremely pleasant. It has a full salon and spa, with a year-round heated pool (and a gas fireplace with cozy chairs at one end of the room), an auditorium for concerts and shows, a private movie theatre complete with comfy theatre seats (you can even ask them to screen a movie for you when they don’t have one already scheduled), and multiple dining options. The Villa was my main focus – and when they say it’s a brand new concept in memory care, they’re not kidding. It’s set up like a house, with an open-plan kitchen/dining/living area, so residents feel like they’re in a home vs an institutional setting. They even cook and eat family style, right along with the CNAs (“Nayas”). The outdoor space is set up differently than others I’ve seen – nayas accompany residents on walks/outings, there are rocking chairs on the front porch, and a side porch with beautiful butterfly gardens and raised-beds for them to enjoy/plant – no feeling of being locked up like you sometimes have in secured memory care units. It’s a spotless environment that feels modern/upscale but still extremely cozy. Apartment/room layout is easy to navigate for residents, with the bathrooms not far from the bed (helpful if there are incontinence issues). The bathrooms themselves are gorgeous – fully tiled (completely waterproof “wet room”) so there’s no step getting into the shower, just a shower curtain. If the grab bars weren’t there, you wouldn’t even know this was a bathroom in a memory care apartment. They encourage aging in place, so residents don’t have to move to skilled nursing unless they require extensive nursing oversight. The level of personal interaction between the staff and the residents was what absolutely floored me compared to other facilities – these are highly engaged residents (regardless of the stage of their disease) who participate in extremely personalized activities constantly throughout the day. Nayas seem to know everything there is to know about these residents – where they grew up, their spouse’s/kids’/friends’ names, jobs, names of companies they worked for, interests…you name it. One even downloaded an app to translate German to English, because one of her residents slips into his native German periodically and she didn’t want to lose the ability to communicate with him. The facility has the best resident-to-staff ratio of any I’ve heard of, and it really shows (plus, they just added even more CNA coverage to help during busy periods). The food is fresh food w/a really good variety (when I toured, they had a choice of ribs, chicken or quiche). There’s an RN on-campus 24/7. Overall, the facility feels very well maintained, the staff seem happy at every level, and The Villa itself was unbelievably peaceful and welcoming – I could have sat there all day and just relaxed. This is at the top of my short list.

Review by lyssaszoo

During our visit at The Watermark, we thought that it was very pleasant. We enjoyed talking with the marketing person. The people living there seemed to be very friendly. The apartments had variety of sizes, small and large. The ones we saw were pleasant. Some of them looked out on lovely wooded areas and others looked out on the roofs of garages. There were several dining options on this facility, which was very nice. They had what they called a bistro and a formal dining room. There was even an area where you could eat outside. We were told that there was a van that took the people to various functions off campus. They also have a lot of activities available there for handicapped people. They have a beautiful swimming pool, spa, and beauty salon. They even had a library. However beautiful the place was, we just decided that we were not ready to move yet.

Review by Caring75084350

Worked at this residence for approximately two years before I was presented with another opportunity. Excellent quality and care. I highly recommend it.

Review by Jack Pape

I have been a resident at Watermark at East Hill for 12 years, and it is my home, can not imagine living anywhere else! I love the very devoted staff, and my fellow residents. They are my friends, and my support system. I have not had to cook in 12 years, or clean my apartment, it is all done for me, which gives me time to follow my interests. Find out for yourself, if you too can make this your home! Leah Linton

Review by Leah Linton
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Watermark at East Hill. My mom has been a resident for exactly three years. The facility is beautiful, immaculately kept, warm and caring staff. I have been a weekly visitor for all of those three years and have also stayed in overnight apartments on occasion. NOTHING like what the previous review states has ever been seen. Everyone knows my Mom’s name, her likes and dislikes. Her apartment is beautiful. The common areas are beautiful. The grounds are beautiful. Take a look for yourself and then be the judge.

Review by JoAnn B.
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I would have to say that I am very pleased with the quality of care that has been provided to my mother at this community. The staff have all been wonderful to her and have really gave me security that she is being well taken care of and is safe in her new living environment. My family and I have been very happy with everything and would defiantly recommend this facility to anyone.

Review by Southbury, CT Family
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Hard place to be in when loved one needs to leave a home after many years, but Allen couldn’t have been more helpful making this transition seamless. My mom is doing great in her home and is starting to make new friends.

Review by Glenn J Ganetsky
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Brand new, super clean, bright, well laid-out, feels comfortable…like a family home. Residents are not treated like patients, more like family (eats meals family-style at two large tables, even meds are only given in private room, so there’s no feeling of a nursing home). Nurses (‘nayas’) do everything involved in the care of residents: cook, clean, laundry, etc – extremely patient and loving, physically reassuring (hugs, etc) when residents get agitated. Very welcoming, cozy space. All levels of dementia, so not a lot of group activities…but Nayas work with residents one-on-one, or sometimes in smaller groups. I think Mom would feel safe, comfortable and happy here.

Review by Anonymous
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Spent the better part of a day here, to tour and experience the environment, see how the current residents respond with different nurses, events, and times of day. I was thoroughly impressed. From the unique family-style concept to the highly individualized care, with lots of personalized attention for each resident…it feels like you’re hanging out at your grandma’s house, complete with grandpa snoozing on the couch after a delicious lunch (cooked on-site, eaten family-style alongside the nurses – called “Nayas” – who are clearly well-trained and professional, but feel more like friends/companions than nurses). One resident wanted to go outside because it was sunny (it was 32F) – rather than simply telling her, “no, it’s too cold,” the Naya said it was very cold, then opened the door to the patio and let her go outside for a few minutes, waiting nearby to let her back in when she was ready. End result: The resident felt respected, independent, and safe, rather than rejected, helpless and depressed. One moment made all the difference in her day…and in memory care, isn’t that what matters? I’m crossing my fingers we can get Mom moved in!

Review by Lisa
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From the beginning and throughout our search everyone was extremely helpful here. We felt that we were very cared for and important to them. All our questions were answered sometimes multiple times. I feel my mother in law will be very happy and very well taken care of here. There is so much she enjoys doing; swimming, exercising and socializing! She will enjoy it all here. She likes good food but doesn’t like to cook so this is the best place for her. She can still keep her independence but will be safe.

Review by Kim Keenan
Dining room at The Watermark
Front entrance to the Watermark at East Hill with fall foliage
Aerial view of the Watermark at East Hill campus