Make Your Move – Tips and Tricks on Relocating

Samantha Nook, Director of Sales at The Watermark at East Hill, was a guest author last month for Southbury Patch. She shared many very important tips and tricks to make moving less stressful. To view the original article posted on June 20th, 2017, please click here.

Each year, nearly 35 million U.S. residents pack up their houses, apartments and condos and settle into new homes. While most residents are relocating locally as opposed to across state lines, any move can be stressful for individuals and families.

At The Watermark at East Hill, a continuing care retirement community in Southbury, we work with new residents to make sure their move is as seamless as possible. No matter where you’re relocating, here are some tips for making the move a smooth, low-stress success:

Plan Your Packing
Regardless of how long you’ve resided in your current home, belongings accumulate quickly and the idea of packing everything may be daunting. Give yourself deadlines on what rooms or items should be packed and by when. Setting specific goals will help you focus on the room or area at hand, and not worry about the entire to-do list at once.

Finalizing the Details
The little details can easily be forgotten, but are the most important to remember:
• Check that utilities such as gas, electricity, telephone and cable are set to be disconnected
• Confirm that utilities are ready at your new home
• Change your address with the post office
• Transfer newspaper, magazine, or delivery subscriptions and be sure to use your new address for online shopping

When the time comes, packing a box or suitcase of moving day items will be a lifesaver! Instead of rummaging through dozens of packed boxes or bags, pack a separate piece of luggage that includes:
• Bed and bath linens
• Toiletries, shower curtain liner and toilet paper
• Laptops, tablets and cell phone chargers
• Medicine
• Other items you use on a daily basis

Hire a Professional
When in doubt or crunched for time, call on the services of a local packing or moving company. Having additional hands to help move furniture, load vehicles or box items can take the stress out of your move. Worried about your belongings arriving on time? Set up a confirmed moving date to guarantee the delivery.

“Right” Sizing
If you’re moving to a smaller home, selecting what items to keep or discard may be one of the most challenging tasks. The best way to begin scaling down is to envision your new home and how you want it to look:
• Take note of your current furniture and accessories
• Look at your new floorplan and its measurements
• Decide what pieces will look best and where to place them

At The Watermark at East Hill, new residents typically have precious mementos and possessions to pack. Sorting and selecting these items can be challenging. Start off slowly:
• Begin in rooms that have fewer meaningful items like a bathroom or kitchen
• Select what can or should be replaced, like utensils, dishware, linens or bedding
• Invite close friends or family to help you sort important paperwork and keepsakes
• Have your valuables, including antiques, appraised and decide what you wish to keep or sell
• Donate your gently used items; giving items away is easier when you know they’re helping someone else, and many nonprofits offer pick-up service

Follow these tips and tricks and remember, getting fully settled may take days, weeks or even months. Remember that this process takes time but when you stick to your goals and schedules, the reward is a new life in an organized, clutter-free home. Take your time unpacking, and enjoy all the possibilities that await!

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