Life in The Villa, The Watermark at East Hill Memory Care Community

The Villa, a free-standing home for seniors living with various forms of cognitive challenges at The Watermark at East Hill, is quite a special place. Our unique approach to memory care offers residents the opportunity to maintain independence, to continue to grow and develop, and to connect with friends through a variety of engaging and meaningful experiences.

At The Watermark at East Hill, the resident experience is what matters most. Nayas, the outstanding professionals who care for and serve our residents, are deeply committed to our mission of maintaining an extraordinary and innovative community where people thrive. Each day in The Villa brings something new and exciting. Residents are encouraged to participate in all of aspects of living well. From cooking and baking to art projects, gardening, or poetry readings and musical performances, there is always something happening in this magical place filled with compassion, patience, and love. Please do give us a call or visit to learn more!


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