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Virtual Dementia Tour


At The Watermark, we pour our hearts and souls into creating meaningful ways for residents of the Villa, our Memory Care neighborhood, to learn, grow and connect with each other, themselves, their families and our associates. We utilize Expressive Arts, Physical Wellness and Watermark University to help residents thrive, one joyful moment at a time.

Recently we held a Virtual Dementia Tour Training where associates could get a brief glimpse into what having dementia might be like through adaptive equipment. This equipment includes shoe inserts, gloves, glasses, and a sound track that is played during the tour. Once associates are garbed they are given a set of tasks they must complete. Family members who don’t understand dementia can easily become impatient and frustrated,” said Amy Snyder, Administrator at The Watermark.

Both News channel 8 and the Waterbury Republican came out to cover the story. To view the article published on wtnh.com on June 8th, 2015 or the news story, please click here.

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